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Scott Cuttre is a passionate surf writer. He doesn't write about surfing the way we do. Cuttre writes poems. And he shared "Suited Savior" with us. Enjoy.

The 35-year-old writer lives in Belmar, New Jersey. Scott Cuttre has a passion for surfing and poetry, and the result of the unusual fusion is quite interesting.

"Suited Savior"

I still remember the morning feeling more like summer than fall
etched in my memory this moment guides me when doubt consumes all

Left alone from all companions there was still one love to explore
questioning a passion that once garnered incomparable allure

While dissolution held steady knowing I must go through my travels
something unconsciously brewing awaiting true feelings to unravel

Uneventful this day's start, searching for the slightest light, just a ray
filled with anxiety pacing my room, just wanting to stay

Quickly filling my backpack with work destined to be marked wrong
unorganized clutter making preparation prolonged

Dread for where I'd be heading knowing options were sparse
pressures continuously mounting, years later questioning at what cost

Hanging on by a thread, forgetting why I chose this destination to occupy
four years passed by so quickly nearly all goals no longer seemed spry

Unbeknownst, this day's sight brought along one lost dream to my grasp
how a posh suited man would act as my savior within one glance

Disowning this love for some time, yet never escaping my thoughts
each morning's relief lie in a glimpse, unwrapping a life tied up in knots

A far cry from calm, clearing my head with harm bleached white
embarking on the same daily path, a waning spirit aching to turn bright

I'd stay curious for a lifestyle one over time I could no longer employ
desperate for this view to silent regrets over missteps to find joy

Just a mile from paradise, in the beginning is how I coped with dismay
contempt began to prevail, dreaming of the left coast's smog covered haze

With requirements in the next seat, I drove waiting to see what pleasures I might miss
surprised lines of perfection awoke, erasing former flat abyss

I just stood in disbelief, convincing myself this act remained trite
my head tried to ignore, my heart knew my placement was right

Conjuring lost feelings I drove with fading doubt down the coast
with the elements aligned why weren't other's present for their dose

Obligations and failures again crept in as I glanced to my right
then in the distance spotting a man, lured by the same plight

Unconventional his apparel, unlike the group for so long I've yearned to belong
yet a three piece suit couldn't mask his transparent obsession, familiar to another's lifelong

He began to undress in the same fashion I once had before I'd grown so upset
our distance apart began to shorten, memories so simplistic I chose to forget

Although appearing older in years, his excitement seemed almost childlike
reminiscing when my emotions matched his at the possibility for two sparks to ignite

Now feet away from this stranger, slowing practically to a stop
his hidden quiver revealed intentions as once mine, could change at a drop

The final internal debate taking place whether to follow this man's lead
my day's education was here, heart and head now agreed

I then sped a quick turn not before sharing a stare reserved for two quite possessed
the fastest this mile ever toured, equipping myself for the real test

My heart racing as the door unlocked, gathering all needed to chase a swell and a suit
that lost love had returned, volume of previous static had now been lowered to mute

Returning for a second time to this spot chosen by the beacon of my rejuvenation
mental illustrations filled my thoughts as once prior to my stagnation

Before entering the water I'd notice a car slowly paused in the same fashion I had minutes prior
the driver appeared cautious when our eyes locked, I'd smile, perhaps saving another's desire

With all the beauty the ocean provides which I'd chose to forget
I think back at this one minor moment, washing away years of regret

However lonely or lost the hardest sights can bring me so close to the wall
somehow a man loosening his tie rekindled a flame allowing frozen love to unthaw

Words by Scott Cuttre

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