SUP Armada breaks a new Guinness World Record

September 3, 2015 | Surfing
SUP Armada: 264 riders at Queen Mother Reservoir | Photo: SUP Armada

The SUP Armada has set a new Guinness World Record, at Queen Mother Reservoir, in England.

Up to 264 stand-up paddleboarders of all ages completed the mandatory one-mile course in three hours and broke the record by ten participants, previously set on Hayling Island, in 2014.

The event also supported three charities - the Snow-Camp, the Andrew Simpson Foundation and The Big Stand. The organization is planning a bigger and better SUP weekend for 2016.

"We were lucky that the weather was perfect, and it was great to see so many people of all ages and abilities on the water, enjoying the experience and determined to break the record," underlined Dan Charlish, director of the SUP Armada.

Families and groups of friends took part in multiple activities, including team races, SUP Polo, SUP clinic and SUP Yoga classes. Groms were stoked to be part of a new Guinness World Record.

"I really wanted to be a World Record breaker, and I would love to take the certificate into school to show my friends!" expressed young SUP adventurer Laird Dawson.

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