SUP enthusiasts cross the Seine River

December 18, 2010 | Surfing

SUP in Paris: freezing cold

Paris is the romantic city located right in the heart of France. The capital city is far away from the Atlantic Ocean, but the Seine River can be the perfect spot for water sports.

In the beginning of December, the second edition of the Naish SUP Tour was held in the extremely cold conditions of European winter. Only 34 competitors were allowed to race the 10 km course across the Seine, from east to west.

The SUP enthusiasts even had to paddle through ice, before finishing the race in snowy conditions. In the end, Eric Terrien, Annabel Anderson, Gaetan Sene and Arthur Arutkin were the fastest athletes.

Results of the 10 km Seine Crossing

1st Eric Terrien
2nd Gaetan Sene
3rd Amaury Dormet
1st Annabel Anderson
2nd Fabienne d’Ortoli
3rd Laurence Leguillette

Results — Sprint Nautic

1st Gaetan Sene
2nd Renaud Noyelle
3rd Eric Terrien
1st Annabel Anderson
2nd Liz Wardley
3rd Laurence Leguillette
1st Arthur Arutkin
2nd Julien Bru
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