Surf above the chaos with "Anything Sing"

July 10, 2013 | Surfing
Anything Sing: Mick Fanning is lost in the highway

"Anything Sing" is Kai Neville's latest adventure in the surf movie world. Yes, it's retro and conceptual.

What Youth has been leading the way in the alternative surfing and free surfing lifestyles. Vague ideas are transformed into rad artwork.

Morocco, Mexico, Bali, Australia, Hawaii and California. Luke Davis, Nick Rozsa, Conner Coffin, Mick Fanning, Beau Foster, Ford Archbold, Shane Dorian and many more groove through "Anything Sing" with their best wave ballet.

Everything around us blinks, rings, sings, shouts, distracts, vibrates, reminds, likes, comments and downloads. The chaos and beauty of the world is overshadowed by technological distractions and tweets that possess no lasting significance outside the screen they're displayed.

"Anything Sing is our attempt to rise above that chaos by creating our own environments and settings. On different surfaces. New canvases. On concrete. On walls. On water. On arms, with ink. Permanently. Like moments", explain What Youth.

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