Surf & Comics release "Zombies Don't Surf"

Zombies Don't Surf: Surf & Comics explores the undead world

Are zombies known for their wave-riding skills? According to Surf & Comics, we can rest assured: "Zombies Don't Surf."

Maxi Gonzalez continues his surf comics adventures, this time with a popular fictional approach that has already conquered millions of horror and fantasy movie fans.

But if you think about it, the truth is that the undead pose new questions in an overpopulated world ruled by fears and myths of all kinds.

For example: if there's a zombie apocalypse, what will happen to surfing and surfers? Will there be life-threatening paddle battles?

In "Zombies Don't Surf," Pablo Ballesteros is in charge of drawing and coloring. He is a Spanish teacher and illustrator.

Zombies Don't Surf: the undead fail to beat us in surfing