Surf dogs prepare for K9 wave riding competition

May 2, 2012 | Surfing
The Dog's Guide to Surfing: hang in there...dude

The 1st Annual World Surf Dog Championships will take place in Northern California, between late summer and early fall 2012. A portion of the proceeds will go to dog and environmental non-profit organizations.

The unusual event follows the success of the Small Wave Surf Dog Competition debuted in 2006. The very first surf dog competition was based on the book "The Dog's Guide to Surfing".

The organizers of the new international surf dog contest series will include, promote and welcome local surf groups, dog and pet organizations and fun-loving friends.

"The Dog's Guide to Surfing" is the book that created and launched an entirely new official sport. It's the only guide to the surfing lifestyle from the view of surfers who love to hang ten with man's best friend.

The book brings the greatest stories, lessons, advice, movies, gear, and surf wear to anyone who has ever wanted to catch a wave with their four-legged pals. Whether you just like to stroll on the beach, play in the water, or get in the line-up, "The Dog's Guide to Surfing" shows how to really be a surf dog.

For surf-lovers, there's also plenty of information on surf gear and riding a wave, both with and without a pooch. From mounting a massive seven-footer to simply playing in the water, "The Dog's Guide to Surfing" shows how to really be a surf dog.

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