Surf film promises "Death 2 Hipsters"

July 2, 2014 | Surfing
Death 2 Hipsters: that is not cool

Hipsters can ruin everything. Even in the surf. That is why Alex De Phillipo promises "Death 2 Hipsters".

Prepare to laugh out loud. The surf movie "Death 2 Hipsters" comes with no synopsis, "because synopses are too mainstream, and that's just not 'kewl'."

De Phillipo, who also produced "Dark Fall", says that no actual hipsters were harmed in the making of this movie, but we're not sure of that. In "Death 2 Hipsters", you'll see large bold glasses, Taliban beards, and retro shirts. And we almost forgot: yes, waves too.

When the hipster movement hits the line-up, it's time to do something. No way these cooler-than-cool are going to dominate the world of surfing.

"Death 2 Hipsters" is a surf comedy starring Flynn Novak, Bruce Irons, Christian Fletcher, Kalani Chapman, Michael Anthony, Clay Pollioni, Kai Mana Henry, Brittainy Taylor, Mason Ho, Mike Sparh, and more.

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