Prince Dudeman and Surf Gidget The Pug: they finished runner-up in the Tandem Dogs division | Photo: Surf Gidget The Pug

Surf Gidget The Pug has taken out the 2018 World Dog Surfing Championships, held in Pacifica outside of San Francisco.

Around 50 talented canines traveled to the Northern California coast to hang ten and win trophies. The third annual surf dog competition also raised funds for two local animal shelters.

The dog surfing sport originated in this area, and many proud pup owners returned once again to have fun and share their coaching techniques.

The competition was intense, the waves variable, the playing dolphins in the background a bit distracting, and thousands of fans the sport enjoyed the event, which brought together many of the best local and international dog surfing stars.

Judges wanted to see how much longer the animals stayed on the board if they look nervous, and how many tricks they can perform on each ride.

The overall winner - Surf Gidget The Pug - loves doing 360s, and turning the surfboard down the line. But this year, the organization also announced three new Special Achievement Awards.

Abbie Girl (Spirit of Surfing Award), Skyler the Surf Dog (Shredder of the Year Award), Beans The Whippet and Rusty the Surfing Min Pin (All Heart Award) were also honored at the 2018 World Dog Surfing Championships.

Do you want to teach your dog to surf? Here's a beginner's guide to dog surfing.

2018 World Dog Surfing Championships | Results

Small Surf Dogs
1. Gidget
2. Prince Dudeman
3. Samson

Medium Surf Dogs
1. Giselle
2. Tristan
3. Abbie Girl

Large Dogs
1. Derby
2. Teddy
3. Kalani

Tandem Dogs
1. Teddy/Derby
2. Gidget the Pug/Prince Dudeman
3. Samson/Delilah

Tandem Human/Dog
1. Skyler/Homer Henard
2. Giselle/Partner
3. Derby/Kentucky

Top Dogs
1. Gidget
2. Derby
3. Teddy

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