Surf Jazz is the new music wave

April 25, 2015 | Surfing
Billy Yeager: making surf jazz music where there are no waves

In 2014, Tommy Tomicello and Chris Von Weinberg founded Surf Jazz Records. Now, they want to prove there's a new music genre emerging from the line-ups of Southern California.

In the past, it was surf music. In the 21st century, it's surf jazz, a blend of contemporary jazz and eclectic musical orchestration. Confused? Listen for yourselves.

The new music label wants to release "a high caliber of easy listening jazz music that combines spiritual and soulful elements reminiscent of nature and the ocean with transcendental vibes."

As a result, Surf Jazz Records has signed with Billy Yeager, Bobby Rodriguez, and Vincent Mascola. Yeager, who has already written and recorded over 1400 musical compositions, is a passionate surfer and multi-instrumentalist. His latest work, "Shades of Pink," is conquering fans out the back.

"I have surfed for over 30 years, and I have considered what many surfers have labeled 'Surf Music' for years, but nothing has touched my inner senses, not even Jack Johnson's music. 'Shades of Pink' blew me away, and it hasn't been removed from my CD player for weeks now," underlines Gregory Haynes, who worked with Interscope Records and Warner Brothers.

Surf Jazz Records aims to work with new artists, they will also publish and license music to be used for feature film, surf films, radio and television. Ready to listen to the Pat Metheny of surfing?

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