Surf Lakes: the 5 Waves concept produces 2,400 waves per hour | Photo: Surf Lakes

Surf Lakes announced that its 5 Waves concept will be installed in six new locations.

After the launch of the full-scale prototype in Yeppoon, Queensland, the Australian wave pool company revealed that licensee inquiries have been flooding in from all around the world.

According to Surf Lakes, over 200 entities have been actively seeking information about how to purchase a Surf Lakes license.

The surf pool concept founded by Aaron Trevis says that their artificial wave formula will be built at six new locations, with construction works kicking off in 2019.

"In the United States, one site in California and one in Arizona have been marked out, and early-stage design is underway for each one of them," notes Trevis.

"There is also one site in Western Australia, as well as in London, Spain, and Brazil. All six sites will open to the general public in 2020."

"Our plan for 2019 was always to commence construction of at least two commercial spec 5 Wave Surf Lakes, but with the inbound interest from such quality licensees, we now believe that three or even four could commence construction next year and be open to the public within 24 months."

Felicity Palmateer: she loved Surf Lakes | Photo: Surf Lakes

A Structure for All Business Models

5 Wave by Surf Lakes produces up to 2,400 waves per hour, offering five levels of waves, catering to skill levels from beginner to professional simultaneously.

The Australian wave pool company says that potential licensees are exploring different business models. One of them, for example, plans to add the man-made wave structure within their existing private gated community.

"They already have a world-class golf course, a clubhouse, and other resort-style amenities, so adding surfing to their offering will be really exciting," adds the CEO of Surf Lakes.

There are also clients who plan to entice non-surfer adults and children to surf programs in high-volume commercial facilities.

"There's even a potential licensee that already owns a lake and wants to retrofit it and transform it into a real surf lake!" concludes Aaron Trevis.

"The beauty of our system is that we can produce waves of all shapes and sizes by tuning the vertical movement of the wave-making device and the shape of the reefs below the waterline."

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