Surf Lakes promises 3,000 rides per hour in Brisbane

May 12, 2015 | Surfing
Surf Lakes: Brisbane's first surf pool?

The entrepreneurs behind Surf Lakes want to create a concentric wave pool that will pump over 3,000 rides per hour in Brisbane, Australia.

Aaron Trevis, the founder of Surf Lakes, aims to build a surf premiere surf, sport and entertainment venue where surfers will enjoy left and hand-breaking waves, day and night.

"Our design is different from other wave parks. We can have multiple surfers riding different types of breaks at any time, so we can have barrels for the pros or rolling waves for beginners," explains Chris Hawley, the engineer at Surf Lakes.

"We push the water out concentrically from the center of the pool, and rely on the contours in the pool to generate the shape of the wave."

Basically, Surf Lakes proposes a patent pending wave generation technique in which a large central "pump" oscillates to create increasing surges of swell (up to four meters) that radiate in all directions, just like a tsunami.

The large swell reduces in size to a manageable level (up to two meters) before passing over reefs to create perfect peak breaks, every time. The further the reef is from the centre, the smaller the break.

Surf Lakes will feature eight reef breaks that are able to deliver two-meter barrels with a tube time of between five and ten seconds. The four shore breaks on offer will be an ideal option for beginner surfers.

Aaron Trevis and his team believe there are 800,000 people who would use Surf Lakes regularly in the Brisbane area. However, and with a night surfing functionality, the project may attract surfers from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other national locations

Surf Lakes' research and development project is underway. The team needs 500,000 dollars to refine the engineering and get it ready for construction. Are you willing to help it become a reality?