Jack O'Neill: living the surfing life at Pleasure Point

Jack O'Neill has hit 89. The founder of the US surf brand O'Neill was born in 1923 in Denver, Colorado. After serving in the Army Corps, working as a commercial fisherman, and selling fire extinguishers, our man had a brilliant idea.

Jack was living by the beach in San Francisco. He enjoyed bodysurfing in cold water conditions.

We know SoCal when it's freezing. Jack has an entrepreneurial soul. He decided to test materials that could reduce the uncomfortable sensation of low water temperatures.

In 1952, Jack O'Neill opened his "Surf Shop" with that exact name.

His business grew, and in the 1960s, he already had a winning formula against cold water - the wetsuit made of elastic nylon and neoprene foam.

He loses his left eye in an accident involving the surf leash, which had been developed by his son Pat.

During the 1980s, Jack O'Neill confirmed the world wetsuit domination and led his surf brand to one of the biggest water sports conglomerates that is today.

Now, our young-at-heart surf icon lives in the legendary Pleasure Point house in Santa Cruz, California.

In 2012, the O'Neill brand celebrated 50 years. What a life.

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