Zoltan Torkos: watch the fins

Zoltan Torkos is back in the game. The surfer and wave magician returns in great style after impressing the world of surfing with the first-ever kick-flip while riding a wave.

Torkos has built an aura of mysticism around him. He names the strangest surf moves and never quits until it's well done.

This time, Zoltan brings us another anti-surfing trick. It has been baptized the "Darkslide."

The surfer from Santa Cruz successfully turns the surfboard upside down while riding a wave.

"This can be tricky as you don't wax the bottom of your surfboard. This is a skateboard trick that was originally only done on land and invented by Rodney Mullen," says Zoltan Torkos.

His name's almost a surf brand. He achieved global success after winning Volcom's $10,000 Kickflip Off competition, but he has been training new maneuvers for a long time.

The first-ever "Darkslide" in surfing has been completed.

What will the surfing wizard with Hungarian roots do next? One thing is for sure: when he paddles for a wave you may expect the unexpected.

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