Surf management plan hits Gold Coast in 2015

June 18, 2014 | Surfing
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The world's first ever city surf management plan will be implemented in the Gold Coast, Australia.

The Gold Coast Surf Council (GCSC) was established at Kirra, in 2012. With the support of the local authorities, it has been developing strategic rules for the regulation of surfing in the region.

Governing bodies and institutions such as the ASP, National Surfing Reserves, Surfrider Foundation, and Surfing Queensland are already taking part in the Advisory Committee.

The motto "Your Surf Your Say" expresses a common goal. It's urgent to identify surf amenity problems, and to educate government authorities on how to protect restore and enhance the quality of waves and beaches on the Gold Coast while ensuring a safe surfing environment for future generations.

The problems around surfing in the Gold Coast are clear. Overcrowding, loss of iconic surf breaks, jet skis and boats, kitesurfers, etiquette, cruise ship terminals, artificial reefs, sand pumping, and surf schools.

The Gold Coast Surf Management Plan is expected to take effect in 2015. Surfers and general public are invited to submit ideas and solutions.

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