Surf movie "No Agenda" showcases real life surfing

July 3, 2012 | Surfing
No Agenda: you and Kelly Slater, in a surf movie

"No Agenda" is the newest surf movie by a surf brand. This time, Quiksilver promises to feature everyone getting the best waves in great surf spots.

Promoters say the goal is not to sell boardshorts, but to share the stoke. "No Agenda" has been on tour over the USA, in both coasts, and showcases the real deal of worldwide surfing.

Discover how small waves can be fun and how big waves can be scary. Meet the legends, watch the tricks and copy the world's best aerialists.

Dane Reynolds, Balaram Stack and Derek Peters have been boosting "No Agenda" into the mainstream audience with a series of talks in high schools and movie theaters.

So, if you haven't got a tight agenda for the upcoming days, just enjoy the pleasures of surfing on your couch. Watch the trailer for "No Agenda".

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