Surf movie traces the roots of British surfing

March 21, 2011 | Surfing
The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie: because summer in England is quite rare

"The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie" will be the documentary that follows pro surfers Alan Stokes and Mitch Corbett through the roots of the British surf culture.

Level Films will be gathering the finest footage from the very beginning of wave riding in the land of Her Majesty The Queen. The black and white VHS memories, the early rides, the longboards of the past, the first surfers and the VW surfer van will all be featured.

Stokes and Corbett will meet the iconic surfer of Great Britain while setting off on a coastal road trip to trace the wild and unusual surf related facts and history. Watch the teaser.

The surf movie will also record the testimonies of Roger Mansfield, Malcolm Findlay, Nigel Semmens, Peter Jones and Geoff Tydeman for the future generations of British surfers understand more of their sport's past.

Alan Stokes is one the best UK surfer. He is from Newquay, Cornwall. Mitch Corbett started as a bodyboarder at the age of six, but went for surfing activities at 12. He's also from Newquay.