Surf movie «Walking On Water» heads to London for UK premier

May 26, 2009 | Surfing

Surf movie «Walking On Water» heads to London for UK premier

From the insightful mind of professional surfer Bryan Jennings comes "Walking On Water", a film that about finding faith on the journey of a lifetime. "Walking On Water" will be shown on Wednesday, May 26th, in London, for its UK premier.

After a successful US East Coast tour of "Walking On Water", the home premiere of the film on Jan. 24 at the Rock Church in San Diego was a huge success, with more than 2,000 people in attendance.

"The response has been incredible from surfers and non-surfers, from young and old ... and everyone loves it. Everyone has said that they really enjoy watching Luke and Tyler [who are the focus of "Walking On Water"], and getting to know them in the movie," he says.

"I think everyone just loves watching the surfers. The main response that we get is that it’s a beautiful film and it’s fun to look at the beautiful waves and the beautiful creation throughout the world."

The story behind the story is as powerful as the film itself. Jennings, who himself went on a life-changing trip at 14, pays the lessons he learned forward, taking young surfers Luke and Tyler around the world. "Walking On Water" documents the pair, who experience life while witnessing the ups and downs throughout the world in places like Hawaii, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and France.

"I thought it would be so great now that I've grown up and gone through my own challenges in life to bring a couple of kids around the world, and to then make a movie about seeing life through their perspective as they’re going and seeing this world for their first time," Jennings says.

In the process, Jennings says, viewers also gain tremendously from seeing the film, which was released in September 2007.

"I hope the adults in the audience would maybe come away with remembering what it was like to be child," he says. "For the children in the audience, I would hope they would come away with some more mature perspectives on life."

In addition to the larger-than-life presence of Luke and Tyler, World-renowned surfers like three-time World Champion Tom Curren, twin brothers CJ and Damien Hobgood, "soul surfer" Bethany Hamilton and many others star in the film.

Hamilton, who at the age of 13 lost her left arm in a shark attack, overcame adversity, even earning a national title and building upon her success in the pro- ranks. “Through ‘Walking On Water,’” Jennings says, “viewers will gain inspiration from seeing how the courageous 17-year-old turned a negative into a positive.”

"I think it’s great that Bethany is in the movie because she’s been a huge encouragement to the entire world," Jennings says.

"Even when things that you don’t understand happen to you in life, you have two choices. One is to get bitter and walk away from God, walk away from your heart's desire to life. [The other] is to walk toward God and say, I don't understand why this happened, but I’m going to trust you and I’m going to keep moving toward my dreams. That’s what Bethany has done ... She’s such a living testimony to hope, even in the midst of dark times."

Having introduced "Walking On Water’s" message to audiences on both coasts across America, Jennings says he’s overwhelmed by the viewers’ support. The film gives all who see it a refreshing perspective on life and religion.

"My favorite part is to see life go on in people\'s hearts and minds. I think through this movie, people start to understand who God is and how much He loves them in a non-religious way," Jennings says. "I don’t think that God wants us to have this religious relationship with him, He wants us to just have a relationship with him. This movie is kind of a way for people to see who God is in a really special way, through the sport of surfing, through meeting up with people throughout the world in the movie. Just seeing people understand in a new, fresh way who God is and how much he loves them."

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