Leca da Palmeira, Portugal: the eye of Tó Mané has captured treasures like these

"Travel" is the latest surf photography book by Tó Mané. The Portuguese action sports photographer is debuting his latest collection of surfing snaps with a public exhibition in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal, from July 14th to August 12th.

Tó Mané is considered one of the best Portuguese surf photographers of his generation. He has already seen his work published in several international surfing magazines.

His ambition to capture the perfect snapshots has led him to several corners of the world, where some of the best surf spots in the globe deliver outstanding waves.

Tó Mané has visited and photographed surfers in Portugal, Spain, France, England, the USA, Japan, and Australia.

The result of his work brought "Travel" to life. The surf book promises to pump everyone's heart, whether photography is or not a passion.

The Portuguese surf photographer lives in the north of Portugal and has been capturing the quality of local surfers in a country where the media-hyped surf spots are located near Lisbon, the capital, in the southern region.

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