Wadi Adventure: inspiring the Texan dream

A medical laboratory scientist wants to overcome the irregular surfing conditions of Texas by building a surf pool in the Greater Houston area.

Naradah Tisdel has a dream, and he will try to write history in the heart of Texas. The scientist DJ has set up a crowdfunding campaign to draft the plans for a park called Surf Republic.

"It has the potential to lower barriers of entry into the sport, and will impact tourism, health and wellness, economic development, the surfing community, the start-ups, general business, the themed attractions, and action sports community," stresses Tisdel.

"Surf Republic strives to bring the feeling of enjoying the world’s greatest surf in the tropics to the booming city of Houston. If the project moves forward, it will be a world-class attraction with Southern hospitality."

The project aims to become Texas's first artificial wave pool inspired by the Wadi Adventure, a surf park located near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, he has been working with Select Contracts, the firm that created Wadi Adventure, to bring an even better experience to the dedicated surfers of America and the world who live near or travel to the Gulf Coast.

The plans as of now include bar and restaurant areas, and a conference facility for corporate groups in the park. Support Surf Republic.

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