Surf Sauna: no more cold water surfing days

A group of surf entrepreneurs from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has developed "Surf Sauna" for cold water surfers who discover paradise in a hot shower after a gelid surf session.

There's nothing like feeling cold. When the water temperature is below 50 °F (10 °C), we wish we could be sitting on a tropical sunny beach, surrounded by warm grains of sand.

Fortunately, surfers think. Tyler Sauter, Ross Beane, and Zak Robinson developed a warm retreat for surfers who brave cold water surf spots in order to make winter relaxing. Simple yet effective.

"Surf Sauna" may accommodate up to eight freezing surfers. It is built with Western Red Cedar, which is naturally rot-resistant and antimicrobial.

The chassis and hardware are made from marine-grade galvanized and stainless steel to hold up to years of saltwater exposure.

Temperatures inside may reach 194°F (90°C), and the list of optional extras includes an off-road kit, changing tent and shower, or a propane stove upgrade.

They've thought of everything. Plus, and very important, it's portable. "Surf Sauna" can be bought or rented by the day. This cold water surfing antidote will be yours starting at $16,400.

The price includes surf racks, a wood-fired stove, an aluminum brim, and a brass hatch. Surf clubs and schools will definitely love the idea.

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