Surf skiing: Jason Starr invented what everyone thought of but never made it

Have you ever imagined how it would feel to ski waves? Well, there's a man who thought of it and invented a new sport: surf skiing. Jason Starr, a news journalist from Massachusetts and certified professional ski and snowboard instructor, created a brand new way of challenging waves.

For the founder of Starr Surf Skis, waves are just like mountains and lakes, similar to cross-country terrain.

But, at first glance, it might not be so easy. Could you imagine paddling and duck diving? It is hard, but surely not impossible.

Surf skiing started in 2004 when Jason Starr tested a prototype on Colorado river waves and boat wake waves.

The first stand-up paddle skis were designed in 2007 by Mike Richardson of Electric Duck Surfboards.

Success came in 2009. Surf skiing tow-in is filmed on the north shore of Maui as part of the web show "Salomon Freeski TV."

Surf skiing is now a real challenge for every waterman. And you can even try kite skiing.

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