Waveroller: wings for powering waves

Peniche, the famous Portuguese town known for its Supertubos beach, will be producing energy from the waves at the beginning of spring. It has been named the WaveRoller power plant.

Local shipyards - Estaleiros Navais de Peniche - have been testing new wave energy technology and will only need two months to set up the metallic structure that is 44 meters long and weighs 280 tons.

The wave energy device has 7-meter wings that will be activated by the maritime currents and then produce energy.

Each platform is installed 12 meters below sea level, and the regional swell - which is definitely known for its world-class surfing waves - will be creating movements that can be transformed into energy power.

The Peniche wave energy project will produce 300 kW/hour, which means the entire energy consumption of a town with 2000 citizens. The renewable energy project is worth five million euros.

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