Recreational surfers: Martin Dunn created Surf6 to improve the skills of the everyday surfer | Photo: Shutterstock

Australian surf coach Martin Dunn announced the launch of a digital coaching platform for the everyday surfer.

Dunn teamed up with former German corporate entrepreneur Raffael Schmidt to create Surf6, an only surf coaching system for recreational surfers that will be available on June 28, 2019.

Through a specially designed assessment that derives from professional coaching knowledge, the Surf6 coaching experience is entirely personalized.

Every user gets his own training plan based on his individual limiting skills. Surf6 teaches not only when a specific maneuver should be performed but also shows the correct movement patterns in detail and provides a simple step by step approach.

Through the consistent use of land and skate simulations, combined with focused surf sessions, the structured weekly program progressively builds a performance over time.

Dunn Gets It Done

The mind behind Surf6 is​ ​Martin Dunn​.

During his more than 30 years of experience in professional surf coaching, he is deeply connected within the Australian surf industry.

He has been coaching more than 25 World Surf League (WSL) surfers like Connor O'Leary and Nikki van Dijk, as well as the Australian national team for five years.

As the creator of the ISA Level 2 Coach curriculum, his knowledge is already the standard for coaches throughout the world.

Together with the former corporate entrepreneur, consultant, and digital innovation lecturer (e.g., at LMU Munich and HTW Berlin) ​Raffael Schmidt​, the duo addresses now the lack of availability and affordability of world-class surf coaching at scale for the everyday surfer.

Nikki van Dijk: she was coached by Martin Dunn | Photo: Dunbar/WSL

Statistically, every hour being in the water a surfer spends on average only 2-4 minutes actually surfing on waves.

This limited time on the wave is a major barrier when trying to improve surfing performances.

Surfers can easily find out how perfect surf maneuvers are supposed to look like - traditional channels are Youtube and surf magazines - but a proven system showing surfers how to learn these maneuvers is completely missing.

Without spending a lot of money on or being in close proximity to a great coach, only slow progress is possible.

No professional, state-of-the-art system is currently accessible at scale for the average surfer to achieve fast progress and allow for self-paced learning.

Results in 13 Weeks

Surf6 hopes to close the gap with their new digital training system. Users who follow this easy step by step approach see stunning results in no more than 13 weeks.

At first, the company is focusing on its upcoming soft launch and will be available for early bird users in the intermediate stage with constant access to waves.

In a second step, Surf6 will broaden the offer so that early intermediate surfers can benefit from digital coaching.

They will also offer specific technique training for landlocked surfers or for surfers who want to prepare for a surf trip.

In an ongoing process, the company will focus on partnerships within the surf industry and marketing through various influencers to steadily grow its user base.

The goal of Surf6 is to revolutionize surf coaching and become the global standard of surf technique, education, and training to create better surfing and ultimately more fun.

Watch Raffael's​ ​13-week surf transformation of when he tested the Surf6 prototype and Martin's coaching himself.

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