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The ultimate global board sports security and insurance product Surfboard Tracker launches state-of-the-art new web system 2009 designed with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in mind. Surfboard Tracker founded in 2006 has quietly been building in the background of diversity. Will aid surfers of all levels.

Andrew Smith the company founder-owner developed the SBT product and service after having his complete quiver stolen in Hossegor France three years ago.

Since, SBT has captured the interest of many.

Surfboard Tracker has teamed up with global insurance partner Cassidy Davis. Cassidy Davis prides itself on providing a broad range of insurance products along with cutting-edge solutions in an ever-changing dynamic marketplace.

As a Lloyd’s insurer Cassidy Davis is licensed to underwrite business in a number of territories globally.

Their security is underpinned by the impressive security rating assigned to Lloyd’s.

The surfboard tracker system and Cassidy's are building to develop throughout the extreme board sports industry appealing to Surfboard, SUP, Kite, Wind, Wake, Bike, and Snowboards producers for quality products.

The company, SBT has ambitions to load SBT into all board and extreme sports-related products. The system distinctly highlights quality boards from cheaper ranges. Customers purchasing a board with SBT can be sure of knowing when and where a product was made.

Retailers can access the SBT system to demonstrate to consumers the quality materials used in a product before being sold detailing blank type, fin systems, dimensions.

Cheaper imports, fakes, or licensed abused boards will automatically be singled out, helping consumers to understand quality products from a rash of cheaper end products.

We advise producers who value their products to use SBT. An added bonus with SBT is that SBT gives consumers the opportunity to protect and insure their product no matter where they ride.

Following a theft and successful claim customers could expect a brand new for like replacement produced by the shaper based on the details held on the SBT system. SBT is a must-have system in these extreme times. We think you will like it!

Source: Surfboard Tracker

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