SurfEars 2.0: the smart weapon against exostosis

January 29, 2016 | Surfing
SurfEars 2.0: the new model comes with a new leash and improved comfort | Photo: SurfEars

SurfEars has launched the 2.0 version of the popular earplug kit for cold water surfers.

Companies that listen to their clients will always deliver better products.

For many surfers in their 30s, Surfer's Ear, also known as exostosis, is a serious problem that might quickly result in a complicated surgery.

SurfEars 2.0 is an improved version of their inaugural model.

One of the updates was the introduction of an earplug leash. Because duck dives can be intense and because wipeouts in heavy waters can be quite frequent.

SurfEars 2.0: Tom Carroll is the ambassador for the brand | Photo: SurfEars

Comfortable and Efficient

Additionally, the team behind SurfEars increased the sound channel area (72 percent) and the acoustic mesh surface area (32 percent).

You'll definitely hear better and won't lose your balance.

SurfEars 2.0 are very comfortable to wear. They completely fit your ear system; water and cold will be kept outside.

The earplug kit comes with two sizes of wings (small and medium), three sizes of buds (small, medium, and large), and a very useful leash.

All wrapped in a smart portable case.

After using the new Surf Ears, you should always wash them with fresh water and store them in a dry environment, away from sunlight and humidity.

Discover the earplugs for surfers.

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