Surfer girls catch waves in high heels

June 13, 2013 | Surfing
Surfing: the new high heel surf contest

A group of Russian surfer girls decided to catch waves in high-heeled shoes, in Bali, Indonesia.

When we think everything's invented in the world of surfing, we get a nice surprise. After watching dudes surfing with tables, doors and stairs, it's time to wear some classic evening heels and hit the waves.

The spot is perfect. Imagine a perfect summer wave, in Kuta Beach, a popular surf tourist destination. Then, add sun and glassy waters.

Finally, when you're having the second beer, you spot three surfer girls competing for the best ride, in high heels. Look again, you're not drunk yet. It's really true.

Apparently, it's not that easy. It's simply odd. Three girls catching two-foot waves in a post-modern outfit and unusual shoes. Balance is harder to maintain, in backside mode.

Are you willing to try surfing in high heels for the first time in your life?