Surfer girls ready for the Pipeline Women's Pro 2014

March 10, 2014 | Surfing
Anastasia Ashley: fit to climb

The Pipeline Women's Pro 2014 will be held between 11th-21st March, depending on surf conditions and size, at Banzai Pipeline.

Anastasia Ashley, from California, has been confirmed in this 1-Star ASP event. She reached the final four times and won the title back in 2010.

"I think how you win it is to know how to watch the conditions and the swell direction that day because it can change very fast, you need to be on it. I like Pipeline because it's one of the most beautiful waves to watch from the water, and it has so much power," says Ashley.

Anastasia Ashley grew up in Hawaii and moved to the mainland, but represents a lot of women that love Pipeline. Surfer girls come from all over the world to surf the spot, as difficult as it is with crowds these days, but they still have had great success.

Dax McGill is the defending champion. She is known for her air maneuvers, and she lives near the break. Dax will be a major competitor in the Pipeline Women's Pro 2014.

The Quiksilver BodySurfing Experience, a 48 draw of surfers using nothing but their bodies to ride the surf, will also be held in conjunction with the women's contest. There will be a mix of lifeguards and international athletes.

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