Surfer girls ready for the Science Hawaii Pipeline Women's Pro

March 27, 2011 | Surfing

Emilia Perry: preparing to dominate the North Shore

The Science Hawaii Pipeline Women's Pro will hit Oahu's North Shore between March 29th and April 12th, in the best possible wave conditions. The official are looking forward to a good swell predicted for the end of the next week. The most go-for-it surfer girls in the planet prepare to take down Pipeline and are set to get their adrenaline pumping.

Competitors will be coming from all around the world including Venezuela, Japan, Brazil, France and Africa. Barrels are waiting to be challenged in the famous Hawaiian spot.

"I am involved in this event because it is the real deal, real blue crush", says legendary Pipeline surfer Rory Russell. "Good luck, ladies". Russell is famous for his tube riding abilities and represents Lightning Bolt Surfboards. He will be awarding a surfboard to the best tube rider of the Science Hawaii Pipeline Women's Pro.

Tubes will get high scores, promise the panel of judges eye. The reef has little sand, it's exposed and lending potential for great barrels. This could be an epic year.

The event is sanctioned by the United States Bodyboaring Association. There will be shortboarding and longboarding divisions as well. "The whole purpose of this event is to let any woman that wants to surf at Pipe to have that chance", said Betty Depolito, event director.

"Any vehicle, just let us know, we have room. We do not want any women in the community left out of this competition." Pipe charger Emilia Perry will be representing Wave Riding Vehicles in her attempt to make all three finals.

Defending Champions Karla Costa Taylor (bodyboarding) and Anastasia Ashley (shortboarding) are back again to make claim. Taylor, 1999 World Champion, recently made a comeback after having children and placed 10th on the World tour.

Claudia Ferrari, former World Champion, has never missed an event at Pipeline, which started in 1991 for the bodyboarding Women. The event honors the memory of Josie Over and Duke Kahanamoku and reminds us about the great accomplishments of Hawaii's Patsy Mink for Women's Sports.

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