Surfer rides wave for 64 minutes in Indonesia

February 25, 2013 | Surfing
Steve King: the hat is about to be eaten by crocs

A 48-year-old British surfer has surfed a wave for 12.8 miles (20.5 kilometers) for 64 minutes, in Kampar River, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Steve King challenged the croc-infested waters of the Indonesian tidal bore and rode a wave for more than one hour to smash this previous Guinness World Record.

The railway engineer also decided to perform a headstand, during the endless wave ride. King had already set a record, in 2006, when he surfed 7.6 miles (12.2 kilometers), on the River Severn, the longest British river.

"I've been surfing for 30 years and the Bono on Kampar River was only discovered in recent years, so I had to do it. The waves go up to 25mph and reach 10ft so they are three times as big as on the Severn," said Steve King.

"We saw a couple of small crocodiles and that was scary because where there are babies you’re going to find the mums. You certainly don’t see them in the Severn."

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