Surfers in bubble zone for the 2013 ASP World Tour

December 5, 2012 | Surfing
Tiago Pires: surfing in the bubble zone

All surfers competing at the 2012 ASP World Tour may still secure a place in the Dream Tour, in the 2013 season, as the last stage prepares to kick off, at Pipeline.

The 2013 ASP Top 34 will be comprised of the best 22 ranked surfers of the 2012 World Championship Tour rankings, the Top 10 surfers of the ASP World Rankings and two ASP wildcards.

The current cutoff point on the ASP WCT rankings is 15,250 points, presently held by Matt Wilkinson. Below, there are six surfers that have strong chances of re-qualifying through the ASP World Rankings.

The current cutoff point on the ASP World Rankings is 15,820 points, presently held by Tiago Pires. However, Patrick Gudauskas, Heitor Alves, Raoni Monteiro and Willian Cardoso only need 9ths or better at Pipeline to overtake this position.

Check the 2012 ASP World Tour rankings. The Billabong Pipe Masters, which runs from December 8th–20th, will decide who will smile in the end. The pressure is one. Let the bombs out.