Luís Madureira Pinto (far right) with CEST friends has won the 2008 ZON Multimedia - Creativity in Multimedia, in the 'Content in Multimedia' category.

The award ceremony was held last 15th December in the Estoril Congress Center in Portugal.

Mr. Rodrigo Costa, ZON Multimedia's CEO, Mr. Mário Lino, minister for Public Works, Transport and Communications, and Mr. José Pinto Ribeiro, minister for Culture, attended the event. founder Luís Madureira Pinto received a scholarship in Digital Media at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, and €25,000 in prize money.

"I would like to address my special thanks to ZON Multimedia and my biggest hug and cheers to the CEST friends Camelo(s), Fidalgo, Tavares, Landolt, Mendanha, Almeida, Camacho, Leal, Maia, my girlfriend, and family for their support and friendship. This is your award, too", he stated.

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The ZON Multimédia group is in 1.5 million homes and businesses, reaching more than five million people in Portugal.

ZON has the largest digital cable network in the country, a digital satellite platform, and 200 movie theaters to meet all telecommunication and entertainment needs.

ZON Multimédia is one of the top companies in the PSI-20 index and the fifth largest pay-TV company in Portugal.

It is also the leader in the cinema market and the second-largest internet provider.

ZON Multimédia operates under the ZON TV Cabo, ZON Lusomundo Cinemas, ZON Lusomundo Audiovisuais, and ZON Conteúdos brand names. is a surfing news center founded in 2007. It is visited daily by surfers, windsurfers, kiteboarders, and bodyboarders from more than 100 countries and 2,000 cities worldwide.

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