Surfin' Steven goes surfing in London

February 17, 2012 | Surfing
Surfin' Steven: get out of the way, this is a surf spot

Surfin' Steven is a crazy dude. The almost blonde, almost Aussie, but above all almost surfer has headed to the busy streets of London, the capital of England, to teach British citizens how to ride waves.

The result is hilarious. Surfin' Steven and his funny attitude towards others has conquered the heart of young ladies, anonymous lads, middle-aged gentlemen and even policewomen.

Despite the low temperatures of London, his orange boardshort-only style was enough to conquer everyone. Surfin' Steven kicked off his adventure catching an impossible wave at the famous red telephone box.

British people are known for their sense of humor and Surfin' Steven confirmed it. Two young ladies accepted the challenge and learned how to surf in the double-decker bus and out in the street.

"The good waves are this way or this way? Where's the beach? I want to go surfing in London", he tells Londoners. Meanwhile, Surfin' Steven has already hit the Seine River and the Val Thorens ski resort. Surfing is his goal, no matter where he is.

Watch his surf stunt in Oxford Street.