Surfing against leukaemia

December 15, 2010 | Surfing

Matt Scorringe: the Whangamata tube master

After months battling for his life, Matt Scorringe is preparing to get back to the water. The Whangamata surfer was diagnosed with leukaemia and had to undergo several treatment during the year.

Now, Scorringe only wants to ride his waves. The beach and the hot sand is waiting for him. “Surfing has pretty much been my entire life. Something that helped me get through this last year as well, I kind of know everything to so it comes full circle", he told media.

Matt had toured the world, between 2006 and 2007, surfing the WQS events. Suddenly, he discovered he had to fight for his life in four chemotherapy sessions at the Auckland Hospital.

The 25-year-old surfer lost 20 kilograms in a few months. His close friends and family stood by his side and the "other" friends, the Facebook ones, have set up a fundraiser to help him pay the recovery schemes.

Matt Scorringe is getting well very rapidly and will be competing at the highest level very soon. If you see him in the line up, give him a thumbs up.

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