Surfing America launches judging course

June 7, 2011 | Surfing
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Surfing America has announced the first ISA Judging and Officiating Course. The event will be held on June 20th, in San Clemente, California.

The national governing body for surfing in the USA designed it to coincide with the Surfing America USA Championships and falls on the day before the Lower Trestles portion of the competition begins.

The ISA Judging & Officiating Development Program is the result of 15 years of research and development and is recognized as the most comprehensive judging education program in the world.

Surfing America and the ISA are both committed to the continued growth and success of surfing worldwide and recognize the need for a standardized accreditation course.

The quality and credibility of every competition hinge on the education of its officials. And judging is the cornerstone upon which this credibility is measured.

"Developing a judging education program like this is extremely important to the future of our sport," said Erik Krammer, Surfing America's Judging Director.

"And the fact that this same program is being offered globally will help to ensure consistency all around the world."

All judges that complete the ISA Judging & Officiating Accreditation Course are registered on the ISA International Judge's Register for one year and receive newsletters and an official ISA International Judges' Identification card.

"We're eager to get started with this," said Mike Gerard, Surfing America's executive director.

"This critically important initiative speaks to Surfing America's Mission Statement and further enhances the organization's role as the National Governing Body for surfing in the United States".

"We plan to get all Surfing America member organizations actively involved in this program as well ensuring the competitive pathway is uncluttered as it can possibly be with regard to consistency and understanding about judging and contest results."