Surfing Australia High Performance Centre has been opened

June 15, 2012 | Surfing
Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre: nice surf house

The Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (HPC) has been officially opened at Casuarina, New South Wales. The $4 million investment funded by the Federal Government is the world’s first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches.

The two-level centre of excellence will boast state of the art education facilities, equipment and accommodation and will be at the forefront of sports science and coaching development for surfing.

Former surfing world champions Layne Beachley, Mark Richards, Wayne Bartholomew and Barton Lynch visited the HPC and were delighted with the overall conditions.

"Any surfer that has the opportunity to come and train at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre is going to be given the biggest advantage over any other athlete that doesn’t have the privilege to be here," Layne Beachley said.

"It’s such an extraordinary facility. Every attention to detail and every aspect of it is for the benefit of the athletes. They are here to learn, they are here to grow and here to experience the best and be surrounded by experts", she added.

The HPC will feature a surf specific gym, auditorium, offices, testing and treatment room, accommodation for 22 and has been designed in consultation with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

A 40-surfboard test centre includes boards from the world’s best shapers including Darren Handley Designs, Channel Island Surfboards and Lee Stacey Surfboards, and a comprehensive range of FCS fins.