Surf First Aid app: by surfers, for surfers

The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) and Surfing Medicine International have teamed up to develop and launch the first and a mobile app designed to keep surfers healthy and safe.

The Surf First Aid app provides surfers with information on first aid and safety topics, emergency guides, quizzes for testing knowledge, and direct access to a list of emergency numbers worldwide.

"We believe that nobody should die in conditions where prevention and first aid could have been the difference between life and death," notes Ogi Markovic, board member of EASD.

"There are many surf-relevant first aid and safety topics like CPR basics and drowning prevention, marine bites and stings - for example, stingrays, sharks, and jellyfish - as well as beach flags, hand signals, drowning resuscitation, to name but a few topics."

The Surf First Aid app is developed around the concept of being offline, so you have all content available at any time, even when you're abroad without a data plan, or when you are on a remote beach without cell reception.

The app is available for all smartphones running iOS and Android.

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