Surfing down the line with the Flying Frenchies

March 8, 2017 | Surfing
Flying Frenchies: surfing down the line at 2,000 feet | Photo: Red Bull

They believe they can surf and fly. Meet a group of crazy acrobats, artists, and athletes with a common goal: to risk their lives doing dangerous things.

The Flying Frenchies were founded by Julien Millot and Tancrède Melet, in 2008. Since then, they've designed and developed a series of creative outdoor stunts involving base jumping, paragliding, skiing, and other extreme sports.

Melet died in an air balloon accident in January 2016, but the collective kept pushing the limits of imagination, inspired by his legacy and vision.

With time, they've created a successful business model for their lives which includes participations in TV commercials, movies, performances, shows, and even public lectures.

Recently, the Flying Frenchies decide to blend the thrills of surfing with the excitement of highlining and skydiving. So, what have they come up with?

Well, can you imagine yourself slicing along a zip line on a surfboard at 46 mph (75 kph) before dismounting to base jump into the abyss 2,000 feet below?

After double checking their equipment and waxing up the surfboard, the Flying Frenchies went down the line. And what a ride it was.

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