Surfing encourages street kids of South Africa

August 18, 2010 | Surfing

Umthombo: kids are stoked with surfing

Street children are learning to surf in South Africa. Project Umthombo is helping homeless kids catch some waves, rather than getting more addicted to glue.

The idea is quite simple: kids will be offered a surfboard as soon as they prove that they are committed and showing clear signs of evolution.

Many South African street kids that have undergone an experience through Umthombo are now returning to school and completely stoked to the rising swells.

The community project is currently taking actions in Durban's South Beach. There are 400 street kids in Durban living by themselves, without any backup family.

Project Umthombo was founded by Tom Hewitt, in 1998, and is an organization led predominantly by former street children.

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