Surfing is a step closer to the Olympic Games

May 23, 2009 | Surfing

Surfing in the Olympics?

The South American Sports Organization (ODESUR) has confirmed that the First South American Beach Games will be held from December 3 to 13 in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay and surfing is going to be an official sport in this historic occasion.

Recently, surfing has taken big strides on the long path towards Olympic Games participation, something first requested by multi Olympic gold medallist Duke Kahanamoku in 1920.

In October 2008, surfing debuted in the first ever International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized Beach Games that were held in Bali, Indonesia. Surfing was the most popular sport according to visitors' votes on the official event webpage.

Now, in the first ever South American Beach Games, the Olympic movement has invited surfing once again in its newest and more and very promising event.

Fernando Aguerre, ISA President, said about the upcoming event: "The ISA is proud and honored to accept to organize the surfing competitions on this Beach Games. This time aided by the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA) our organization will show the world that surfing is a key sport for today's youth.

Surfing and its attractive lifestyle are at the centre of beach culture around the world. The inclusion of surfing in these inaugural Beach Games is a very wise move by ODESUR. Millions of surfers in South America are going to be very supportive of these Games."

Dates are set. The famous Punta del Este will witness the best surfing of South America from December 9 to 13, 2009 in the waves of Montoya.

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