Latakia: surfing is possible in Syria | Photo: Motley Planet

Syria is one of the most important centers of the Arab world. Located in Western Asia, the 22.7 million country's citizens enjoy a Mediterranean coastline with 193 kilometers.

Syria is a very arid nation, which contrasts with the crystal clear waters that can be found in the coastal towns.

The blue of the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for swimming and diving. But are there any waves out there?

Surfing is not one of the most popular sports in Syria. In fact, there are not many stories of unforgettable surf trips to this Arab Republic.

Still, discovered a few spots where you might surf waves for the first time.

Generally, Syria offers a blend of classic sandy beaches, short rocky access to the Mediterranean Sea, and a darker type of sand grains.

Swells are rare but can perfectly hit the vertical western coast of Syria.

Surfing the Med

From the northern border with Turkey to the city of Latakia, access to the water is not easy. Cliffs and a lack of roads might halt your surf debut in Syria.

No worries. Latakia is a great nautical town with plenty of quality resorts. A few kilometers south, you'll find a long strip of sand and dunes.

Here, you can find a good surfing experience with west swells or southwest Mediterranean winds.

Latakia might offer you four-foot wave faces where you'll be the only surfer.

On our travel down to the southern region, we meet another sandy beach.

It's near Al Qadmous, a village located 70 kilometers away from the southern border with Lebanon.

The spot is more exposed to the precious west swell, challenging your surf skills with a rocky reef.

Waves break here, and yes, you're in Syria. Enjoy.

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