Surfing Madonna: come on, it is gorgeous

A "Surfing Madonna" has mysteriously appeared in the city of Encinitas, California.

The surfing mural was installed underneath a train bridge on Encinitas Boulevard in April and is attracting hundreds of onlookers.

The artwork is basically a 10-foot stained glassed tile mosaic with Lady of Guadalupe on a surfboard.

Nevertheless, the gorgeous artistic installation is considered offensive because of its religious message.

Local authorities are planning to remove the "Surfing Madonna," but many admirers say the eight panels should be kept as a symbol of tolerance, free speech, and cultural expression.

Opinions Divided

James Bond, the Encinitas Mayor, believes that destroying the artwork is not the best solution.

The anonymous artist has probably spent up to 100 hours designing the "Surfing Madonna." Its materials may cost $1,000.

Citizens of Encinitas are divided.

Some say this is a representation of God close to human beings, and others believe this type of art may open a bad precedent, as it invites everyone to express their beliefs.

Meanwhile, if the "Surfing Madonna" gets removed from underneath the train bridge, there are alternative new homes for the artwork.

Three owners of Encinitas businesses have offered a wall in which to display it.

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