Surfing New Zealand launches ambitious three-year plan

February 19, 2015 | Surfing
Dune Kennings: the future of Surfing in New Zealand | Photo: Jackson Bright/SNZ

Surfing New Zealand (SNZ) has announced a three-year strategic plan to guide and boost surfing in the country.

Sport development, sport business and high-performance sport. These are the key driving forces in "Surfing New Zealand Strategic Plan 2015-2017".

The governing body for surfing in New Zealand will increase emphasis on initiatives such as the award-winning "Learn to Surf" program delivered to young Kiwis around the country.

Education courses that provide coaches, sports officials and volunteers with the appropriate skills to develop all surfers from beginner to advanced will also be promoted.

"The plan is about building a collaborative system where surfing stakeholders nationwide work together to deliver the strategic initiatives. The entire surfing community has a part to play in achieving our goals and by working together we are positive that we can build a better future for the surfing community and our athletes," Chris Fougere, president of SNZ.

The project also includes a business plan for a high performance program, initiatives to bring ISA and WSL events to New Zealand, multiple surveys, artificial pool research, judging courses, a surfing foundation, and surf conferences.

The "Surfing New Zealand Strategic Plan 2015-2017" has five core values - enjoyment, respect, passion, innovation and commitment.

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