Surfing photos hailed at the 2013 Red Bull Illume

September 5, 2013 | Surfing
2013 Red Bull Illume: Zakary Noyle captures Gabriel Medina's backflip

Eleven surfing photographs have made it into the Top 50 finalists of the 2013 Red Bull Illume. Three amazing surf shots won in three different categories.

Zakary Noyle's shot of surfer Gabriel Medina in Oahu, Hawaii, won the "Sequence" category of the 2013 Red Bull Illume.

"By pulling the lens back, I was able to get the sand and sky, so it is almost as if someone were walking down the beach and looking over to see Gabriel doing this massive backflip", says Noyle.

Morgan Massen won the "Lifestyle" division with a photo featuring a group of kids consisted of Jake Marshall, Taylor Clark, Frankie Harrer, Colt Ward, Thelen Whorrell, Nolan Rapoza, and Dryden Brown, all young stand-outs with promising futures.

2013 Red Bull Illume: Morgan Massen peeks underwater

"They surfed for ten hours a day, coming in only for food or sunscreen. I captured them one morning in this shot, discussing in the crystalline water anything from the surf they were enjoying to homework they forgot at home", explains Massen.

Chris Burkard woke at dawn in Norway and drove the cold icy roads looking for peaks on the horizon. His shot took the "Spirit" category, and was captured after a snowy surf session.

2013 Red Bull Illume: Chris Burkard captures a snowy surfing day

"Weather is constantly changing in the Arctic and sometimes all it takes is a little patience. Dane Gudauskas and Keith Malloy knew another surf session was nowhere in sight and decided to head back into town. As the storm continued to brew the pair made their way back home", adds Burkard.

German photographer Lorenz Holder was crowned "Overall Winner" for his remarkable shot of a snowboarder next to a giant satellite dish.

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