Surfing the frozen waters of Lake Michigan

December 21, 2010 | Surfing

Frozen surfer: ready for a warm bath?

When surfing is a true inner passion, humans might do everything to get a couple of waves. Some discover the pleasures of one foot Summer rides and other defy Nature in 40 foot giants of water.

A group of Chicago surfers have tried something different. Crazy or not, they didn't let freezing cold temperatures keep them out of the water. But, what's really freezing cold?

Well, what about surfing in 33º Fahrenheit (0,5º Celsius) waters and -7º Fahrenheit (-21º Celsius) winds? Chilly, isn't it? At least, they had fun in a great day at the Lake Michigan.

Bryan McDonald and Ryan Gerard were the brave icy surfers. "Yesterday was our first real cold water session as wind chills dipped into the single digits and the water temp continues to drop.

When it's clean like this, though, it is always worth it". See why modern wetsuits are really good and warm?

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