HUVr Board: surfing the streets of LA

HUVr claims to have created the ultimate hoverboard, a high-tech skateboard without wheels that has invaded the streets of Los Angeles. Fantasy or reality?

The future has arrived, they say. The first thing that comes to mind when you see a flying skateboard is "will they do that on surfboards?"

The hoverboard concept introduced by the "Back to the Future" film series brought us a skateboard without wheels. Since then, many companies have tried to emulate the feeling of riding the streets on self-balancing transportation.

Now, HUVr claims to have created the ultimate hoverboard. With the endorsement of stars like Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens, and Christopher Lloyd, an anti-gravity hoverboard was born. Well, at least in an online video.

The official HUVr page says it all began with an MIT Physics Graduate Program that has evolved to "one of the most exciting independent products since the high-powered lithium-ion batteries developed by Yet-Ming Chiang in 2001."

We all want to believe that the hoverboard is a reality. What do you think?

The team behind the project says you will be able to "activate your board via Bluetooth before each use and track route information such as path, distance, speed, and travel time."

There's a disclaimer in the HUVr video. "The following demonstrations are completely real". Shall we believe them? Are you ready for the future of street surfing?

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