Surfing world paddles out for Andy Irons

November 12, 2010 | Surfing

Andy Irons: always in our heart

The surfing world is preparing a global paddle out in memory of icon, legend and champion Andy Irons.

The family memorial services will be held in the "Pine Trees" surf break, Hanalei, Kauai (Hawaii), on 14th November. This is the place where kids meet for the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic, a competition hosted by the two Irons brothers.

The Triple Crown of Surfing will also be honoring Andy Irons with a paddle out ceremony on Kauai and, later, in Banzai Pipeline.

In the Huntington Beach, Surf City USA, another paddle out is scheduled on Sunday 14th November, at 12.30pm, on the South Side of the pier.

In Florida, the land of Kelly Slater, the Jacksonville Pier will be the stage of a massive paddle out at 2pm, on 13th November. Everyone is invited to bring flowers, photos and surfboards.

During whole weekend and until the end of the year, in every surf peak, surfers throughout the world will be remembering the incredible sporting life of our eternal champion.

There's a tribute photo gallery dedicated to Andy Irons.