Noseriding: the art of balance in surfing

The first Malibu NoseRiding Championship in which women and men compete as equals will take place, in October 2013, at Malibu's legendary Surfrider Beach.

Sixty-four of the world's best longboard surfers will compete for "most time on the nose", in an objectively timed event. The event has been named "On One Perfect Day".

Josh Constable, Taylor Jensen, Kelia Moniz, Belinda Baggs, Rachel Barry, Duane Desoto, Vince Felix, Alex Knost, Chad, and Trace Marshall, Kassia Meador, Coline Ménard, Carissa Moore, CJ Nelson, Andy Nieblas, Cori Schumacher, Joel Tudor, Christian Wach, Tyler Warren, Chelsea Williams, Hiroka Yoshikawa, and many others, have been confirmed.

Legendary noseriders Lance Carson, Tom Morey, Mickey Munoz, Tak Kawahara, Paul Strauch, and Bob Purvey have teamed up to design a premiere noseriding competition with a state-of-the-art objective judging system to see who will get the best time, the cash, prizes, and first title as the 2013 Malibu NoseRiding champion.

The Malibu NoseRiding Championship will benefit three local nonprofits: Eco-Malibu, the Bay Restoration Foundation, and the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center.

Noseriding is the art of maneuvering the surfboard from the front end. It's a functional maneuver, best performed on waves around head-high or less in size, which are found most of the year.

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