Bethany Hamilton: she surfs like a girl | Photo: ASP

World surfing hero Bethany Hamilton will be featured in "Surfs Like A Girl," a two-part biopic scheduled for 2015.

Surf filmmaker Aaron Lieber is a busy man.

The director from Southern California is preparing to launch the "untold story" of Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer who has been inspiring millions of youngsters.

Today, Bethany Hamilton is a brand. When she is in the water, she rips and wins competitions. When she's on firm land, the Hawaiian sells books, films, and products.

"Surfs Like A Girl" will be released in two parts.

Part One showcases Bethany's precision, skill, and passion for navigating some of the best reef breaks and big waves around the globe.

After recovering from a tiger shark attack, Bethany Hamilton kept improving her surfing and started a philanthropic and motivational speaking world tour.

But the first part of the movie will definitely show her shredding Hawaii, Tahiti, Maldives, and Indonesia.

Then, Part Two charts Bethany's journey from pre-shark attack days to her pro-surfing life today. Discover how deeply emotional, spiritual and physical is her daily life.

Aaron Lieber promises to showcase "an intimate video portrait" that reveals a side of Bethany that you have never seen before. We can't wait for "Surfs Like A Girl."

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