Surfspotting app finds the swell in your iPhone

August 29, 2012 | Surfing
Surfspotting: find the nearest surf spot with your iPhone

Surfspotting is an iPhone and iPad app with 1250 preset world surf spots featuring the best wind and swell direction.

The swell is picking up. You're not sure which way to go. North or South? Surfspotting is a smartphone app for those planning a surf adventure overseas or just looking for some new breaks on the next road trip.

The new app for iPhone and iPad displays all spots within a 20 kilometre (12 miles) radius of you're current GPS location. If you find your own secret spot you can simply add it to the map wherever you are. New spots are then displayed on the map so you can search for them anytime.

You can search for spots by browsing global regions, by spot names or by entering the current wind and swell directions.

When searching for a spot using the current conditions, you just need to input the current wind and swell direction, and the wave direction you prefer to shred. The matching results will be displayed on the map.

Also, click on a spot for a brief description, for example, best wind direction, best swell direction, what’s underneath and the wave direction.