"Surfwise" is the Best Film at the International Surf Film Festival d'Anglet

July 21, 2010 | Surfing

Surfwise: a passionate film

"Surfwise", the documentary surf film created by director Doug Pray and featuring Lightning Bolt president Jonathan Paskowitz of the infamous Paskowitz surf clan, recently won Best Film at the International Surf Film Festival d’Anglet and Best Film at the Quiksilver Surfestival that recently took place in Chile.

“It’s an honor for “Surfwise” to win the title “Best Film” alongside so many amazing surf films also recognized at this festival, featuring top surfers such as Jordy Smith, and highly publicized flicks such as “Modern Collective,” says Lightning Bolt, USA president, Jonathan Paskowitz.

“Our family continues to have a strong presence in the surf industry and working with iconic brands such as Lightning Bolt gives us a platform to continue to spread the true spirit of Aloha to the rest of the industry the way Doc, my father, envisioned us doing so in the industry today.” For an ongoing taste of the award-winning film, “Surfwise,” Lightning Bolt’s blog now features a weekly webisode series.

With the charismatic and entertaining president, Jonathan, which was inspired by his father Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz’s infamous surf camp story lunch hours.

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